Hello, I am Thabo
I do everything with passion.

About me

I was raised in a Christian home but really committed to a relationship with Jesus Christ when I was 18. Since then I had an awesome journey; not without bumps, but still awesome. Kind of a off-road challenge.

After failed attempts in law, I started studying to become a minister in the Dutch Reformed Church (NG Kerk).

Since then I have also finished a Masters Degree in Theology (Youth Ministry) and a Masters Degree in Information Technology, my other passion.

I have many interests, probably because of my curiosity and exposure. If something interests me (like wine & wine making, history, whisky, theology, politics, pipes and pipe smoking, history, law etc), I want to know as much on the topic I can. I was lucky to be exposed to many things and always try and improvise (especially on recipes).

I share the well-known saying of Descartes: Cognito ergo sum. I think about (and challenge) everything which helps me to come to a better understanding of the world around me.

I love humanities and believe in holistic / systems thinking - everything is often connected to something else. There is not one single answer for any problem without taking into consideration other factors - this is also why I tend not to judge other people because there is more than meets the eye. I'm a post-modernistic thinker although I was raised in a modernistic paradigm.

Writings & Interests

I have written a few blogs and articles on the things which interest me, and I also develop web sites.


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  • White River, South Africa

  • (+27) 087 700 9816

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