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executive function

Executive Function Deficit Disorder

Barkley has made very conclusive remarks on exactly what is it that is affecting our lives. By analysing the executive functions that humans need to attend to life and its challenges, to do and direct actions, we use Executive Functions. ADHD has a deficit in the five executive functions due to the neuro-biological disorder.

Barkley therefore makes a compelling argument that ADHD is not really an attention deficit - ADHD actually has plenty of attention, but on the "wrong" things for the task at hand. 

ADHD is effectively an Executive Function Deficit Disorder. You are dis-empowered, neuro-genetically in these areas: eff

  1. You cant stop. Event-respons. build in methods to stop
  2. No minds-eye hindsight. this means, you cant recall previous bad experience so to learn from it and moderate your reaction. And this leads to the lack of foresight (consequences). Because you cant look back, you also cant look forward to moderate actions based on the possible consequences of your actions.
  3. No minds eye / self talk. Purpose of self-talk is to regulate your behaviour. without, no regulation
  4. No minds heart / ability to manage emotions to more socially acceptable. Because of this, no self motivation. This means the now determine the motivation. This leads to frther problem - consequences. If the consequences are delayed or doesn't exists, . As Barkley puts it: "...because the videogame provides external, continuous, hundred percent consequences for interacting with it, and the homework does nothing. When a problem is solved on a sheet of paper, nothing happens. Consequences are delayed..." Can you begin to see the effect on job... no consequences, nothing will be done. (so bring forward consequences). Not because they are inherently bad workers, they neuro-biologically cant.
  5. No minds playground. Inability to planreactions on different future options; problem solving



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