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Overcoming Addiction

It is generally excepted that ADHD has a high risk to abuse and possibly addiction. First, a quick definition of addiction; followed by what overcomeADHD traits might be the culprits for causing abuse and addiction. I then looked at different types of abuse addiction, i.e. substances, drugs, Internet, sex and pornography, followed by treatment and tips of overcoming. In closing, I refer to the importance of your "being".


ADHD - more than Attention and Hyperactivity Disorder

One of the biggest influences on my perception of ADHD, is the research and related findings of Russel Barkley. No wonder this site has so many references to his work and view on ADHD. With that said, credit is given to Dr Russel Barkley and this article represents then my interpretation of and understanding of his conclusions.

research results

ADHD Research Results - Barkley

Not much research has been done on adult ADHD in the past. Many was of the opinion that it can and will be outgrown in adulthood. Recently, Russel Barkley (PhD) has conduct extensive research on adult ADHD. His results were presented in a short booklet, which will be summarised here very briefly. However, we would recommend the complete book, "What the science say".


ADHD Resources

I've learned a lot of ADHD from the following books I've read, and would like to give credit to them. Many information on this site is from these books, obviously interpreted from my own experience as an ADHDer.