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Cogito Ergo Sum

As you have noticed, I like thinking; thinking and challenging everything! I don't subscribe to everything Descartes said, but I do aggree that our faculty of thinking does have an immense effect on the way we percieve life in general.

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Belydenis van Belhar

Ek het in 1988 die Belydenis van Belhar bestudeer as deel van 'n B.Th. Skripsie. Hiervolgens 'n paar opmerkings oor die Belydenis van Belhar byna 25 jaar later.

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Love and Life Languages

One of the best insightful times of my 'learning' life, was the realisation that we do and experience things quite differently. And its actually amazing to think that it took us so long to realise that - after all, God made us all so diverse, let alone the amazing diversity in the creation in general, that it should've followed that we all would also do, love, think and experience things differently. But it took many years of pain, problems and a good dose of judgementalism, to realise that maybe, just maybe my spouse, my fellow believer, subordinate, might just not experience or do things like I do.

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Simplistic Bible interpretation - "The Bible Made Impossible"

Because I have already been in situations where I had to re-think the “traditional” easy answers to difficult life questions, the Book of Christian Smith drew my attention. Often, well-intentioned believers, try to comfort people with words that simply do not comfort; words like: God picked this flower for His garden (at the death of a child). To the parents, that is no consolation….if He is the Creator, then why did He had to take my child. Couldn’t he just CREATE a flower? Does He need a garden if the whole earth and all its beauty belongs to Him, was created by Him?

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