Integrated Portfolio

I completed the Professional Certificate in Public Management (PCPM) at the University of Witwatersrand in 2006. An Integrated Portfolio is the final requirement for achieving the PCPM, presented by P&DM of the University of Witwatersrand.

Policy Support for FLOSS Implementation

Free (as in Libre) and Open SOurce Software (FLOSS) has not yet being implemented widely.  I am of the opinion that it has many possiblities, especially in the Public sector and can save IT implementation costs considerably.  Herewith a report I compiled to this effect.

Managing Change

I attended a Change Management Workshop.  Herewith my impressions of the workshop.  This review will first explore organisations and management theories and the development of these theories over the past decades. Following this exploration, I will explore managing change before it will report on the reasons, nature and consequences of change initiatives within this context. Lastly, I will conclude with the effects of the change strategy on the organisation.

The doctrine of Atonement & Reconciliation

Increasingly people are doubting whether the Reformed doctrine of reconciliation really capture the modern thought of reconciliation between God and man - the so called doctrine of atonement like Tony Jones, Rob Bell, Brian McClaren, and others. Tony Jones for example, has written a book; a Better Atonement in which he discuss 8 models of reconciliation. I will later discuss his models in a blog, but for now, I want to dust off the dust from my Dogmatics handbooks and revisit the Reformed doctrine of reconciliation.

Selfverwyt, Self-vergifnis en om ander te vergewe

Malan Nel se boekie, Om uit Genade te Leef – is amazing en ‘n heerlike troos en seën, want sien……..ek (ons almal?) sukkel mos maar eintlik om onsself te vergewe!  Eintlik sukkel ons ook dikwels om ander te vergewe!  Ek het al gewonder hoe die twee met mekaar verband hou…..?


My opsomming van Charles Swindoll se “Grace Awakening”. Vorige keer afgesluit met die vraag wat vryheid is? Ons is uit genade gered tot vryheid. Baie gelowiges is bang vir die Christelike vryheid omdat hulle meen dis ‘n verskoning om “mal” te gaan en net aan te hou sonde doen. In ‘n sin is hulle reg? Ware genadeverkondiging klink inderdaad of ‘n mens “sag” is rondom sonde; dit klink asof ‘n mens sê jy kan maar “mal” gaan.

Grace 101

Over the years, I have written many blogs and "letters to myself" on grace and thought to compile them here. Just maybe, something might be of help to someone else; I surely hope, for God be the glory. Apologies for poor English - this is not my mother tongue.

Everything works out for the good

Everything Works Together for our good (Rom 8:39): “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him” ….this is such a well known cliché that sometimes we do not recognize the enormous promise contained in it.

Opstanding van Jesus Christus

Hoekom kan ons nog glo in die Opstanding van Christus? Sir Lionel Luckhoo (wat bekendheid verwerf het vir sy Guinness Book of World Records 245 opeenvolgende moord-verhoor oorwinnings) gebruik sy jarelange ondervinding en skynbare uitstekende advokaats-vermoë om die saak van Christus se opstanding ongetywfeld te bevestig.

Sewe Kruiswoorde

Die sewe kruiswoorde van Jesus is deur die eeue gebruik deur gelowiges om tydens Lydenstyd die kruisiging van Jesus te oordink.  Wat sê die kruiswoorde?

I Believe....

It is so easy to say "I believe". The real question however is; what do you actually believe? What is the content of your faith? In a post-modernistic and information age, coupled with more and more people who feel that their faith has reached a stage where the traditional confessions might not fully express their believes, it might just be a valuable exercise to sit down and really think about the content of your own belief system.

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