Cogito Ergo Sum

As you have noticed, I like thinking; thinking and challenging everything! I don't subscribe to everything Descartes said, but I do aggree that our faculty of thinking does have an immense effect on the way we percieve life in general.

Life Languages

One of the best insightful times of my 'learning' life, was the realisation that we do and experience things quite differently. And its actually amazing to think that it took us so long to realise that - after all, God made us all so diverse, let alone the amazing diversity in the creation in general, that it should've followed that we all would also do, love, think and experience things differently. But it took many years of pain, problems and a good dose of judgementalism, to realise that maybe, just maybe my spouse, my fellow believer, subordinate, might just not experience or do things like I do.

Belydenis van Belhar

Ek het in 1988 die Belydenis van Belhar bestudeer as deel van 'n B.Th. Skripsie. Hiervolgens 'n paar opmerkings oor die Belydenis van Belhar byna 25 jaar later.

Genade en die Gans Andere God

Ek wil iets oorkom as ek hoor iemand praat van God as “die ou man daarbo“… so asof God deterministies die skepping “gestart” het en nou, soos ‘n afgetrede ou man maar net sit en kyk hoe hierdie “bal hardloop”; asof Hy niks meer kan doen aan die gang van Sy skepping nie. Hierdie soort beelde oor God gaan gewoonlik ook saam met ‘n beeld van God as ‘n polisieman, as ‘n pretbederwer; iemand wat met ‘n wakende oog oor ons wag hou … net om ons te “zap” as ons iets verkeerd gedoen het.

Inhoud van my Geloof

It is so easy to say "I believe". The real question however is; what do you actually believe? What is the content of your faith? In a post-modernistic and information age, coupled with more and more people who feel that their faith has reached a stage where the traditional confessions might not fully express their believes, it might just be a valuable exercise to sit down and really think about the content of your own belief system.  (English version)

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