Policy Support for FLOSS Implementation

Free (as in Libre) and Open SOurce Software (FLOSS) has not yet being implemented widely.  I am of the opinion that it has many possiblities, especially in the Public sector and can save IT implementation costs considerably.  Herewith a report I compiled to this effect.

Managing Change

I attended a Change Management Workshop.  Herewith my impressions of the workshop.  This review will first explore organisations and management theories and the development of these theories over the past decades. Following this exploration, I will explore managing change before it will report on the reasons, nature and consequences of change initiatives within this context. Lastly, I will conclude with the effects of the change strategy on the organisation.

Grace 101

Over the years, I have written many blogs and "letters to myself" on grace and thought to compile them here. Just maybe, something might be of help to someone else; I surely hope, for God be the glory. Apologies for poor English - this is not my mother tongue.

Grace 103

I recently read Myra Perrine's "What's your God Language?" which is about the different spiritual temperaments; the different ways people experience God. At one point, she cited from TrueFaced by Bill Thrall, Bruce McNicol en John Lynch.

I Believe....

It is so easy to say "I believe". The real question however is; what do you actually believe? What is the content of your faith? In a post-modernistic and information age, coupled with more and more people who feel that their faith has reached a stage where the traditional confessions might not fully express their believes, it might just be a valuable exercise to sit down and really think about the content of your own belief system.

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