Grace 103

I recently read Myra Perrine's "What's your God Language?" which is about the different spiritual temperaments; the different ways people experience God. At one point, she cited from TrueFaced by Bill Thrall, Bruce McNicol en John Lynch.

WOW, I couldn't have said it better! That's grace! Now, if that is how God feels about us, lets see how we can start feeling about our fellow human beings. Shouldn't we treat each other with the same grace? How can we be less "grace killers" (Charles Swindoll - Grace Awakening). From Rom 14, I think the following might be helpful:

  1. Rom 14:1-4 : Accept other people.grace
    • This means that let them be!
    • Let other people do, think, live differently as how we would've. Don't apply your "list" of how you think it should be, to others. It might not be the same for them.
    • You are special; let others be and feel special too!
  2. Rom 14:5-8 : Allow God to "run" other people's life - its not your job!
    • It happens by not prescribe to others how to live their life
    • Don't decide for others. Let them...
  3. Rom 14:9-12 : We are not competent to judge others - its not our job!
    • We don't know all the facts of other people's lives and journey
    • We don't know other people's motives / reasons
    • We are not objective
    • We don't know the "bigger picture"
    • We are guilty as well
  4. Rom 14:13-18 : Love one another
    • Love one another unconditionally
    • Accept others for their uniqueness, not because they do what you want.
  5. Concentrate on everything that promotes peace and reconciliation between people
  6. Judging others detract God's work.
  7. Be free and allow others to be free. Allow the sun to shine on others
  8. Don't act "God". You're not!

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