God en die Lewe

In aansluiting by ‘n vorige blog oor ons konsep oor God, of Vader-begrip… Hierdie is ‘n verdere aflewering van my notas op die boekie wat ek tans lees; om uit Genade te leef deur Malan Nel.

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Selfverwyt, Self-vergifnis en om ander te vergewe

Malan Nel se boekie, Om uit Genade te Leef – is amazing en ‘n heerlike troos en seën, want sien……..ek (ons almal?) sukkel mos maar eintlik om onsself te vergewe!  Eintlik sukkel ons ook dikwels om ander te vergewe!  Ek het al gewonder hoe die twee met mekaar verband hou…..?

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The doctrine of Atonement & Reconciliation

Increasingly people are doubting whether the Reformed doctrine of reconciliation really capture the modern thought of reconciliation between God and man - the so called doctrine of atonement like Tony Jones, Rob Bell, Brian McClaren, and others. Tony Jones for example, has written a book; a Better Atonement in which he discuss 8 models of reconciliation. I will later discuss his models in a blog, but for now, I want to dust off the dust from my Dogmatics handbooks and revisit the Reformed doctrine of reconciliation.

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Life Languages

One of the best insightful times of my 'learning' life, was the realisation that we do and experience things quite differently. And its actually amazing to think that it took us so long to realise that - after all, God made us all so diverse, let alone the amazing diversity in the creation in general, that it should've followed that we all would also do, love, think and experience things differently. But it took many years of pain, problems and a good dose of judgementalism, to realise that maybe, just maybe my spouse, my fellow believer, subordinate, might just not experience or do things like I do.

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