Cogito Ergo Sum

As you have noticed, I like thinking; thinking and challenging everything! I don't subscribe to everything Descartes said, but I do aggree that our faculty of thinking does have an immense effect on the way we percieve life in general.

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Simplistic Bible interpretation - "The Bible Made Impossible"

Because I have already been in situations where I had to re-think the “traditional” easy answers to difficult life questions, the Book of Christian Smith drew my attention. Often, well-intentioned believers, try to comfort people with words that simply do not comfort; words like: God picked this flower for His garden (at the death of a child). To the parents, that is no consolation….if He is the Creator, then why did He had to take my child. Couldn’t he just CREATE a flower? Does He need a garden if the whole earth and all its beauty belongs to Him, was created by Him?

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